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Wilfred & Hunter

About Us

Staying Connected to

Self, Family and Community

 Simply, we are a community of volunteers helping our

elders living with dementia to remain connected to each other,

their families and the community they live in. 


Through our research and personal experiences, we acknowledged chronic isolation and community disengagement were the major outcomes after someone is diagnosed with a dementia disease.


We also discovered through talking to families and people living with dementia, they felt less inclined to seek out localised support services and because of the ignorance surrounding dementia symptoms.


We spoke to many local businesses about this and they in-turn didn't know how to adapt their organisation to include someone living with dementia.  


So, it made sense to us to bring them together and find out how.  That is why we include business and organisations in our café who aren't directly related to the care industry.  In this idea, we are encouraging awareness and understating, and opportunity for our community members to learn from each other.   We are all learning how to adapt, be inclusive, feel safe and learn what it means to live with dementia, all while enjoying a cuppa and enjoying activities together.  


Together we are learning to talk openly about dementia diseases, we encourage people to exchange phone numbers and chat between cafés, we laugh over funny new behaviours and of course we openly cry about these life changes.  


After our first café in 2016, we realised this group wanted to stay connected, so we asked them the most obvious questions to help us develop the 2017 program; 


"What help do you need?"

"What makes you happy?"

"What is important to you?"

"What activities or hobbies do you enjoy"


The answers to these questions allowed us to plan an entire program for 2017 with huge successes.  It has kept us focused, connected and motivated to positively impact our community. 


7th February 2017 Café7th February 2017 Café 

Since hosting the first dementia café in 2016, we've become more confident in our belief that localised psycho-social support groups play a crucial role in promoting a persons emotional and spiritual well-being while living at home with dementia, or caring for someone with dementia.  


We've also recognised through our own experiences, our community is healthier when we are socialising and connecting in multigenerational environments.  This is why we actively look to the European dementia café model in our own community. 


With the encouragement and support of community leaders we aim to continue these dementia cafés to de-isolate our elders and de-stigmatise our community, while at the same time moving towards being a dementia-friendly town.


Simply, our cafés are a multigenerational multicultural peer-support group for families and people living with dementia meeting each month over morning tea.  


Each café event is supported by both the generous support and donations from our local community, and with the $5 entry fee from guests, we can purchase next month's equipment and activities.   Our aim to make these cafés free to all our guests in 2018, but need you help and support to achieve that.  You can donate to the Umbrella Dementia Cafés by clicking this link. 


Finally, given the chance, we'd love to inspire other communities around Australia to do the same, and connect with us under one UMBRELLA network, heralding strength in numbers.

This video was made after our first café on the 25th October 2016 at the 
One. Community Church, Blackburn Melbourne.  


Video created by Kirsty Porter at The Age Of