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About Us

'For the community,

by the community'. 

 Simply, we are a community helping our community.

Through our media and personal experiences, we acknowledged chronic isolation and community disengagement were major contributors for any active participation in localised dementia support services.   Beyond that, regular businesses didn't know how to adapt their organisation to include someone living with dementia.


So we thought a good place to start was to ask the people living with dementia in our community what they wanted.  


7th February 2017 Café7th February 2017 Café 

After hosting a dementia café each month since the 25th October, we're confident in our belief; local socialising support groups play an important role in promoting a persons emotional well-being while living with, or caring for someone with dementia.  


We've also recognised through our own experiences; our community is healthier when we are socialising and maintaining connectivity with each other.  And that's why we have been influenced by the European model of dementia cafés in our own community.


So we, a collective group of mums and dads, business and organisations, have created a space for people, families and couples experiencing dementia to come together, through socialisation, and learn how to positively cope at home while living with a dementia disease.  We talk, we laugh, we cry.  We also learn, seek referrals, and innovate together.  


With the encouragement and support of community leaders we aim to continue these dementia cafés to de-isolate our elders and de-stigmatise our community, while at the same time moving towards being a dementia-friendly town.


Simply, our cafés are a multigenerational multicultural peer-support group for families and people living with dementia meeting each month over morning tea.  Each café event is supported by both the generous support from the local community and a $5 entry fee from guests; allowing us to buy next month's equipment and activities. 


Kirsty Porter, an experienced aged care nurse, is coordinating a community team response to ensure each café feels safe to interact, socialise and support each other.


Finally, given the chance, we'd love to inspire other communities around Australia to do the same, and connect with us under one umbrella network, heralding strength in numbers.

This video was made after our first café on the 25th October 2016 at the 
One. Community Church, Blackburn Melbourne.  


Video created by Kirsty Porter at The Age Of