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Wilfred & Hunter

 Mission Statement 

There are is estimated to be more than 413,000 people living with dementia in Australian according to the Australian The National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling NATSEM (2016), with females (55%) having a higher incidence then males (45%).  The NATSEM further predict these numbers will increase to over 535,000 by 2025, making dementia care, research, education, treatment and awareness a national priority.   


Higher levels of stress, isolation and poorer levels of mental health are related to the characteristics of caregivers.  (International Psychogeriatrics 25(9):1-9).  After our first café (and the cafés that followed), we've acknowledged this is true for the majority of the people who attend our peer support group.  Conversely, through surveys and regular contact with our guests, we've also learnt our elders want to be more supported, informed and have a better social connectivity with their own community. 


As a result, the four core principles are important to us as we develop these cafés in the future;


1. Autonomy - The person living with dementia is at the centre of everything that we do, provide and create.  


2. Connectivity - To open up the conversation about dementia in a positive safe place.  Collate ideas of living better and longer at home through shared knowledge, technology and innovation. 


3. Awareness - Everyone involved in the cafés directly or indirectly receive education about dementia, how dementia diseases can be supported and why it is important to be connected to the community.  This awareness also purports to de-stigmatise dementia diseases. 


4. Dementia-friendly community - Integrating dementia support into the cafés and in-turn engage with local organisations to adapt their environment or services to include people living with dementia.